Tanner St. construction update..

Just an update on what’s going on out there, or actually what’s not at this point. The Borough has been dealing with the State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO) over the past month in order to receive final approval for the roadway project. In order to get the project moving as quickly as possible, the SHPO approval has been split up into the following three “phases”:

Phase I: Tree removal of all diseased and hazardous trees, as previously approved by the Shade Tree Commission.
Phase II: Construction of all improvements (curb, sidewalk, roadway) for the entire road except for the widened parking areas adjacent to the library.
Phase III: Construction of the widened parking areas adjacent to the library, including removal of the six trees in that location.

The Borough received final approval for Phase I on Monday, June 20. The contractor’s subcontractor for tree removal began the project by removing the tree at the Bistro on June 22, which took two days to take down. They then ran into an issue on the tree at #12 Tanner as the subcontractor was apparently not qualified to remove the tree in such conflict with the overhead wires, and pulled off of the job. In the mean time, the Borough finally received approval for Phase II of the project on Monday, June 27; however, the contractor had already rearranged their crews onto another project and do not have these crews, along with a qualified tree removal subcontractor, scheduled to come back to the Borough to begin work on the curb replacement until after the Holiday on July 5.

Due to this delay and the upcoming Holiday, we have directed the contractor to remove the lane closure and detour until next Tuesday when they return, as suggested by a few of the merchants. Therefore, Mr. Delaney and his crew will be by sometime this evening to remove all of the barrels, cones, barricades and signs in order to completely open the road for tomorrow and through the Holiday. The closure and detour will then again be put in place next week when they return to do the work. Once here, they should proceed until completion of the project with no further delay as the Borough is continuing to pursue final SHPO approval for Phase III, and hence the entire project within the next few weeks.

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