Preservation Haddonfield’s 2010 Year in Review

2010 started off quickly! We got up and running early in the year, with many residents joining our efforts by financially supporting us. Our first opportunity came when a developer purchased Boxwood Hall and attempted to get a zoning variance in order to develop the property, including a four story high, 50 unit facility on the preserved green space that would have been 331 feet long by over 100 feet wide. PH used our new resources to educate people about the application, and encouraged people to sign a petition voicing their disapproval of this application to change the fundamental appearance of this historic property. We were pleased with the Zoning Board’s unanimous decision not to grant the many variances that were requested on this property.

We awarded the First Annual Joan L. Aiken Award to four local preservation efforts during National Historic Preservation Month. We were pleased to award two civic minded projects, the town clock and Kings Court, as well as two residential projects, homes at 140 Westmont Avenue and 61 Kings Highway West.

As summer came, so did movement on the Bancroft property.  Preservation Haddonfield was strongly opposed to the high density development planned for this property, and used our resources to educate the residents of Haddonfield as to the size and scope of the proposed plan. Over 300 lawn signs were purchased by home owners and placed around town to make others aware of the large opposition to this plan. We were encouraged by the Planning Board’s documented opinion that the plan did not conform to Haddonfield’s Master Plan, and the Commissioner’s subsequent with-drawl of the plan.

Most of our time and resources in 2010 were directed toward these high profile proposals. 2011 has brought a new round of Bancroft activity, and appeals are still active for the Boxwood Hall property. We are hopeful that as the year proceeds, we will be able to direct our time and resources toward our other mission items, and become more active in educating citizens not just about the immediate preservation risks but about the rich history of our town, and how to help preserve it.


100% of our 2010 expenditures went toward advertising and alerting the residents in our community. We are asking all of our supporters to make their annual 2011 contribution, and are hopeful that others will still join in our efforts

 Join us in our continued battle with Boxwood Hall, as this is still in litigation and may need public support in the near future.
  Bancroft looks like it will, once again, be a big issues for 2011, as meetings have started with the new planner. Stay tuned to PH for future updates on the Bancroft redevelopment process, and other important issues that will affect the future of Haddonfield. 
Please be on the lookout for local home or businesses that you think we should consider for our 2011 Joan L. Aiken Award!

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