Preservation Haddonfield “Neighborhood Alert”

Brandywine Senior Living is proposing a 40,900 sq. foot addition to its current facility located at 132 Warwick rd. in Haddonfield

Brandywine Senior Living, a “for profit” corporation, recently purchased the Assisted Living facility located at 132 Warwick Rd. in Haddonfield from Spring Point Senior Living in November 2011. They recently held an open house for the neighbors at the facility on April 4, 2012 to let them know of their plans for the assisted living facility. Here are some of the neighbors & Preservation Haddonfield’s  concerns:

“Low Lights” (132 Warwick Assisted Living Expansion Plan)

  • 40,900 sq. feet addition (two floors) is as big as most Walmart planned stores, the average Walmart is 42,000 thousand square feet. This square footage does not include the Historic home remaining in the front of the property.


  • The addition would mean the destruction of Historic Heirloom trees & bushes, including a 75 ft/ tall Southern Magnolia tree & a 80 ft. high Elm tree.
  • 155 ft. of straight wall runs on two sides, and 140 ft. runs of walls on two sides.
  • The addition of a 9 space parking lot on the front lawn of the property bordering homes on Warwick Rd. & additional parking on Moore Lane just feet away from a residential home.
  • The destruction of the green “park like” setting behind the buildings bordering residential properties.
  • Hardscaping or a “fire lane” around all 4 sides of the building.

Some independent units in the assisted living facility will be 690 sq. feet, about one-third the size of a average home in the United States. (Average size home according to the U.S Sensus Bureau 2010 survey was 2,392 sq. feet)

64 beds where 52 exists today. Some units will be 2 bedrooms.

Please let your Historic Preservation Committee members, Planning & Zoning Boards know this large scale addition in a truly residential neighborhood is not appropriate.

Stay tuned to Preservation Haddonfield for more details and meeting dates.

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