Brandywine Senior Living seeks Historic Preservation Committee Approval Wednesday May 23rd @7:30

Part of the Problem…..with the Brandywine redevelopment plans for 132 Warwick rd. in Haddonfield is…..
The neighbors near the property have many concerns about the proposed developments plans, they are:
  • Large massing and scale of the new proposed Building.
  • Misrepresentation of the current building size- Brandywine has claimed in public meetings, and the local papers, that the current building is 25,000 sq. feet, it is really app. 18,000 sq. ft. not including the Historic building in the front of the property.
  • The new building will be over 34,000 sq. ft. not including the court yard in the middle and the basement area below the building, some of which is finished living space.
  • Destruction of the “Park like” setting behind and around the property bordering residential properties.
  • Destruction of many heirloom plantings and trees including the 75ft. tall Purple European Beech Tree, that some have estimated maybe 100 yrs old or older.
  • Traffic and parking concerns which have not been addressed by Brandywine.
  • Water run off and containment.
  • Building heights, and lighting.
  • Some independent living units in the assisted facility will be 690 sq. ft., about one-third the size of an average home (US census Bureau lists the average home size at 2,392 sqft.)
The neighbors have no issues with Brandywine remodeling their current facility in place, and staying within their current footprint & elevation.
We are thrilled a newer buyer plans to invest and stay in Haddonfield, and join the tax paying neighbors.
A little about Brandywine Senior Living, the buildings current owners:
Brandywine Senior Living does not own 132 Warwick Road. According to public tax documents, 132 Warwick Road is owned by 132 Warwick Rd, LLC Health Care REIT. Health Care REIT, an S&P 500 Company headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, has a market capitalization in excess of $11 billion and a portfolio valued at over $14 billion. In December 2010 Health Care REIT acquired Brandywine Senior Living for $600 million. Brandywine is the operator of the facility and leases the facility back from Health Care REIT as part of their agreement. The bottom line is that our new neighbor in Haddonfield’s Historic District in a residential zone is a multi-billion dollar, national corporation whose stated “primary objectives are to protect stockholder capital and enhance stockholder value”. As stated above, the neighbors have different priorities for our community. We believe that corporations of this magnitude have the resources and the responsibility to renovate this facility on a significantly smaller scale commensurate with the characteristics of our neighborhood.
Why should you care? Your neighborhood could be next! Please voice your opinion at the next Historic Preservation Committee meeting scheduled for May 23rd  at &:30 PM @ Borough Hall!
Attention Brandywine- Bigger is NOT better, think outside the Brandywine Box
Stay tuned for more details at or become a member today!


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