Another threat to one of Haddonfield’s neighborhoods…

On January 19, the Christian Science Church presented to the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) its request to construct a 20-car parking lot in the Historic District adjacent to the church on Sylvan Lake Avenue. The parking lot property would butt the Historical Society, residences on Sylvan Lake,  East Kings Highway,  and Kings Lane.
In 2007, 70 of your neighbors signed a petition opposing this proposal.  We will need neighbors to turn out and speak up every time the church presents its parking lot plan to the Historic Preservation Commission,  to  the Planning Board, and to  the Zoning Board.
This January action  before the Historic Preservation Commission is the church’s  first significant step to get  clearance from these boards.   The HPC tabled the request in January when the church felt the majority of the HPC would not in support  the plan in its present form.  The church wanted time to re-work its proposal.
Here are the facts.
1.  In 2007, the church purchased and demolished on Sylvan Lake Avenue a 2-story brick residence with a slate roof and started to park cars on the lot — until police ticketed violators.  
2.  The New Jersey Council on Affordable Housing refused the church’s request to EXPEDITE  the church’s parking lot  proposal.  That refusal has delayed the church’s efforts for three years.
3.  The property is zoned for residences.  Because a parking lot is a non-conforming use,  the Zoning Board will have to approve a variance.
4.  Because the proposed parking lot is in the Historic District, the plan must be reviewed by  the Historic Preservation Commission.
Please support Preservation Haddonfield in its efforts to prevent this parking lot from being placed in a 100% residential neighborhood. The next regularly scheduled Historic Preservation Meeting is March 23 at 7:30 in Borough Hall…

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